Welcome to the world of Cappella Intimo, our lingerie isn't just an accessory - it's a personality. 


We aspire to provide the canvas for self-expression and creativity, through the celebration of diversity. We offer a premium range, where sophistication and elegance meet creativity, comfort, and style. 


We believe that hosiery should be as unique as the person wearing it and that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, starting with expressing your unique individuality in a way that honours you. We offer a selection of fashion-forward designs and proud to offer variety that celebrates the beauty of the female form.  

Let your legs steal the show in our timeless legwear.

Discover Comfort and Sustainability with Bamboo Underwear

Welcome to our world of bamboo underwear, where comfort meets eco-consciousness. Our collection of bamboo underwear is designed to embrace your body in softness and prioritize the well-being of the planet.

Experience the luxurious touch of bamboo fabric against your skin. Our underwear is exceptionally soft, breathable, and gentle, ensuring all-day comfort.

Join the Bamboo Revolution

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